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Late but still here. My Holiday Wishlist!

Here’s my Wish list. (in price order from top to bottom)
(stars next to things I REALLY want)
Big Ticket Items
  • Pay off my house (contact me for amount) ;)
  • *New(er) car. (currently driving a Gold 2002 Chevy Concorde)
  • A vacation someplace nice.
  • Laser hair removal (not sure how much this costs)
  • $2,199 Replicator 2 Desktop 3d Printer 
Lower Ticket Items
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The Hunters get Hunted

I love to turn a bully's taunting back on themselves. Usually they're out to get a specific reaction from people and if they don't get what they expect.. they get all flustered. I have two golden examples of this:

(Me versus a highschooler via TXT)
Collapse )

(Me versus a retard from OKcupid)
Retard: "You look like Hurley from lost."
Me: "maybe. :)  I never watched that show, is it good?"
Retard: "Very good you should watch it. They play reruns on G4TV."
Me: "maybe I'll check it out sometime, thanks."
Me: "so, did you have a crush on Hurley? or did you just want to poke someone online? :)"
Retard: "no no, just caught my eye."
me: "coolness. anyway. take care."
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I grew up an introvert

Hello. Welcome to my blog. I'm Nicky.., and I'm an introvert.Or at least I used to be. This fact keeps getting forgotten, sometimes even by me. I get overstimulated or do too much socializing at once, and I get tired of interacting with people.

Don't get me wrong, it's current iteration doesn't come from a source of self-loathing, melancholy, or pain. I just also crave time alone to read, watch, or play the things I want to. I'm not shy. 

Craving aloneness isn't wrong. They're just not what people believe is where the best creativity comes from. If you're quiet you're a prude or boring. Western civilization has always favored the man of action over the man of contemplation. This has only gotten worse in the 20th and the 21st Century.

While in the past my introversion was tightly connected to shame and sadness; now that I've grown up and grown to love myself. This change in my worldview ended with me really liking being alone with myself. 

How do you feel about being extrovert/introvert?
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my AIM conversations never go where I think they will

Eric: Cabin in the Woods.. that movie little jeremy hated.... Big Jeremy just informed me that not only is it good.. its directed by Joss Wheedon
Eric: now we HAVE TO see it
Me: well I knew the Joss Whedon thing about it. 
Eric: if not Sarah Michel Geller will come to the house. Slap me in the face, remind me it will never happen and then take me Weedonite card
Eric: tahts what happens if you dont see one of his movies you know
Me: yeah? how about one of his more intimidating characters? IRON MAN
Eric: Iron man..
ric: see... he is far to busy being a billionaire playboy philanthropist  
Eric: its very tiring work
Me: and making Iron Man 3
Me: soo.. Captain America
Eric: yessum?
Me: he's got nothing to do till Avengers 2
Me: he can go around punching Lapsed Whedonites in his spare time now. 
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Jesus can't take a punch

When I was 13 or so I went on a Christian weekend retreat with the Youth Group at my church. I'd only been on weekend sleepaway camps ever, so this was normal to me. The retreat happened at a camp next to some lake in mid/upper Florida called Lake Placid.

While there they had us do a bunch of Christian/Bible activities:
"Yeah so we're gonna want you to come over here and pull a paper out of this bag here... then read the bible scripture off the paper and tell us what you think it means. Show of hands, who wants to go first?"
"Okay now we're going to write all the things we want to thank god for in our lives. Then we're going to separate into groups and each group is going to make a skit of the whole group's top 3."
"Now we're going to play Duck Duck goose.. but you say instead any of the names of the Apostles when you want to say duck.. and the goose will be Judas."

On the last retreat I ever did they did a "trust walk" where they blinfold you and take you through the woods and scare the crap out of you.. but you're "Saved" by someone dressed as Jesus. I admit, when you're 13 and scared it's pretty convincing. It was some dude in robes and a crown of thorns, what felt like holes in his hands, and was a really good hugger.. 

I admit at the time I was going through a crisis of faith due to what was going on with my family.. so I hugged him and cried initially. Just all the sadness coming up... Then I started hitting him and asking him why the fuck he made my parents get a divorce. (Since God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost/Spirit are the same "entity" in Catholic beliefs) I felt a bunch of hands pull me off him and lead me quickly to the rest of the kids. After the trust walk all the kids went on a hay ride with the councelors.. and one of the kids pointed out out loud that one of the male councelors was the same size as the "jesus" we met. After I looked at him for a few moments I noticed he was actively avoiding me and had some bruises.

After the retreat they told me they had to stop the trust walks because of "incidents" they had during them. What do they expect to happen when you present a person with the being responsible for EVERYTHING in their life.

My faith has never been the same. I'm glad though. I like my beliefs where they are now. If not for that retreat, I wouldn't have looked into other things to sustain me spiritually.
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dating fail

This is a true story. I'm not embellishing and I'm just as shocked as you're about to be when this was happening. 

I went on a date with someone I met on OKcupid. (this was a while ago, so it's noone I met recently) I met him at a Hookah bar, and we sat down to talk. 

Immediately I knew something was up because he was much shorter than his profile indicated.. about 6 inches difference. He listed at 5ft7in and he was 5ft1in or so. I thought "ok, I can deal with someone shorter than me, no problem". Then throughout the evening I found out that he's a vegetarian MetalHead whose mom is in jail, he works at char-hut, and Hates the human race. Then he leaves in the middle of the date to talk to his grandma on the phone. When he comes back he says he has permission to date me. O_o  He says he's constantly angry when not medicated, and he took more than his usual dose to appear mellow when on the date with me. Toward the end of the date he keeps trying to persuade me to spend some time with him in the back of his car..  SO.. yeah.. creepy. 

We keep in touch for a while, then I saw him get into a relationship with someone on Facebook. I confront him about it. He says:
"I'm sory i lost contact wit u but i met a girl but wer not exclusiv but i gues i figurd u wudnt want 2 stil see me sinc i ques u want a serious relationship"
My response? "Yeah I'm sorry, I'm looking for someone just for me and noone else"

I thought it was done.. complete.. nothing more to talk about.. till he contacts me today. 

[15:39] VEGEMETALHEAD: nicky
[15:39] Tryssnik(me): hi
[15:39] VEGEMETALHEAD: wats up how u been
[15:39] VEGEMETALHEAD: i sent u a couple texts
[15:43] VEGEMETALHEAD: nick
[15:58] Tryssnik(me): sorry my co-workers came by to talk to me. 
[15:58] VEGEMETALHEAD: thats ok
[15:58] Tryssnik(me): Brad, I gotta be honest. after hearing you're dating someone after that one date I lost interest. 
[15:59] Tryssnik(me): I'm not interested in sharing my partners, and you seem to be too angsty for me. 
[15:59] Tryssnik(me): I'm sorry
[16:02] VEGEMETALHEAD: ive been tryin to break up with her for a long time we dont work together
[16:03] VEGEMETALHEAD: and were breakin up finally but u say u lost interest
[16:03] Tryssnik(me): it's true
[16:05] VEGEMETALHEAD: didnt u tell me the guys u had met didnt even stay to meet u and now ur rejectin me because somehow i got involved with someone that i didnt want to get involved with 
[16:07] Tryssnik(me): you didn't say you didn't want to get involved with her when you told me that you were dating someone. 
[16:25] Tryssnik(me): you said in txt: "I'm sory i lost contact wit u but i met a girl but wer not exclusiv but i gues i figurd u wudnt want 2 stil see me sinc i ques u want a serious relationship" 
[16:26] VEGEMETALHEAD: i didnt thou just happened we almost broke up the first week and have done it a million times since but she doesnt get the message
[16:26] Tryssnik(me): and I said: " Yeah I'm sorry, I'm looking for someone just for me and noone else"
[16:26] VEGEMETALHEAD: she wont let me break up with her
[16:27] Tryssnik(me): I'm not dealing with this. Even if you broke up with her, I'm still not interested. You're a really angsty guy and I'm not into that. 
[16:28] VEGEMETALHEAD: thats crazy thou considerin uve said guys have ditched when they saw u u know beggars ccant be choosers
[16:30] Tryssnik(me): well this beggar is choosing to block you. Have a great life. Good luck.

Maybe I'm not up on current dating culture, but I think that telling someone they're a beggar is no way to try to persuade them to date you. 

IM = blocked   facebook = unfriended + blocked
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Here, eat this root damnit.

There's an oft-joked-about item about our medicine.. and it has to do with new discoveries of things that were good all along, but we stopped using them hundreds of years ago because of various reasons. This is the joke: (

  Heres the history of our medicine.
       "I have a sore throat."
       2000 BC : "eat this root"
       1200 AD : "That root is heathen, say this prayer."
       1500 AD : "That prayer is superstition, drink this elixir."
       1800 AD : "That elixir is snake oil, Take this pill."
       1900 AD : "That pill is ineffective, Take this antibiotic."
       2000 AD : "That antibiotic is artificial, Here why dont you eat this root."

Then we discover that we actually depended on some of these during evolution's process to keep us healthy, then stopped using them.
Then came the Mushroom guy and his amazing Mushroom stories. They included how we can use them as an environmental fix, pest control, and... to cure cancer.. I'll say that again but in bold:


For his presentations. Visit these links: (his intro) (this is the talk that mentions cancer) (Q&A on the link above)

After that, I looked up a few things. I found out that the generic button mushrooms aren't as healthy as we think.. and if we choose more exotic mushrooms, the benefit is greater. In some cases of the mushrooms.. by leaps and bounds. 

BTW, you can buy his mushrooms here:
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I'm a trans-innuit PanSexual Hyper-Romantic Otherkin Ferret with Asbergers.


Honestly it looks like this person got their identity from a dice-roller or a crackerjack box:
"i'm jun/june, a 16 year old autistic pangender asexual demiromantic trans-asian cat otherkin who loves tea and cuddles. pleased to meet you!"
- They self-diagnosed the autism... and everything else

~ Highlights ~
Anonymous asked: I'm offended by your use of "beings" in "beings of color" and etc. It erases my experience as a sentient nonbeing entity. 
i realize that that wording was problematic, as i got quite a few messages already about the matter. i used the term “beings” to refer to everybody, as it included both human and nonnuman identities. i now use the term “individual” as it is less problematic. thanks for the input. ^^

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry but you're pissing me off. YOU. CAN. NOT. SELF DIAGNOSE. AUTISM. You can't
i’m sorry, but that’s just your opinion. /:

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