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Tryss's Haven

South Florida Valkyrie

15 September 1978

  • I am a book-worm - I current have a large collection of sci-fi/fantasy and old school books.
  • I love music - rock, techno/trance, new-age, classical (only when I'm in a certain mood)..
  • My friends tell me I have a tendency to be too nice to people, and they tell me I'm a little gullible.
  • I like watching Anime, Monty Python, movies in general :)
  • I've traveled the world.. there's too much to tell about that.. If you want to know about it, ask me privately.
  • I play D&D.. yes, I'm a Dungeon Crawler..
  • I work at a HUGE Hosting company.. we host thousands, maybe millions of the world's sites..
  • My favorite colors are Forest Green and Midnight Blue.
  • I like designing websites in Dreamweaver, and using Photoshop for my graphics.
  • I read many web comics. Look at my sidebar! woot!
  • I have the habit of being silly most of the time.
  • My freshman year of college I roamed around at night on campus and defaced the outside walls with chalk drawing/writing. (mmm sidewalk chalk)
  • I like alcohol, when at festive occasions (and I make occasions up sometimes) I get somewhere between buzzed and tipsy and stay there. (moderation good) Keep in mind, I don't drink every day..
  • I'm not terribly religious. I avoid people who push their faith on you, I don't appreciate it. My beliefs are my own and I arrived at them through my OWN soul-searching, thank you. Ask me privately you want to know more about it.
  • I am not usually spontaneously sexual. I have to be coaxed to go there. What I will say about it is: if you know the buttons and push them, I can be taken there quite easily. (grin)
  • I'm not a girly-girl.. I don't wear makeup, I barely wear any jewelery. I was a tomboy. Show me a tree and I will tell you how *I* would try to climb up it. My father traveled half the year, so *I* was the person to clear out the rat trap, and pick up and toss that icky anything. I was the oldest of 2 girls. So my dad did the guy stuff he wanted to do with me.. I played with legos, etch-a-sketch, Chem Sets and Remote control cars. I didn't own a Barbie till college when a roomie of mine thought it was terrible that I never owned one.
  • I have a fascination with the Celtic culture and knotwork. I want to visit Ireland and Scotland someday (LOL it's almost the only place I HAVEN'T been)

Orihime is sweet love.